Saturday, May 10, 2014

Ethnic Fever



Cat bowler Hat // Vintage white shirt from Bugis Street // Batik miniskirt // Ethnic accessories // Handmade sling bag // Zara Boots

Have you ever thought that wearing batik or another traditional clothes is old fashioned? Yes I am the one who did it, even yesterday I didn’t want to attend a wedding party by wearing it. How pathetic. (Sorry). But now thanks for the governments in Indonesia for promoting batik and for the designers who make many kind of modern clothes made of batik cloth. Not only batik, but another traditional clothes like songket in era now also be modified as clothing that can be used in daily activities. I think the simple design make them more comfortable for daily clothes, and really happy that batik can makes us  fashionable. So batik is not only consider as formal dress  for  special occasions, but also applied as everyday clothing. Let’s proud to be Indonesian by wearing batik! Let's be more fashionable with batik!

Photographer : Dwi Tiara Belo