Hi! I'm Putri Uli Saktina Pasaribu. I'm 20 y.o. I'm from Tebing Tinggi, a small town in Sumatera Utara. Okay, if you are an international reader, I understand if you don't know where it is, because I know how Tebing Tinggi is not so popular, even in this country (Indonesia). And I currently living in Denpasar, Bali, because now I'm studying here, in  Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University.
Maybe people think that if a medical student blogging, they should write about medical matters. Sorry, but I don't. You've already  known about  right brain and left brain, right? Yes, I wear this blog just to make they're in balance. Because by having this blog, I'll always give myself time for doing good things just to escape from my routines. And I love to share it with you :)

And why must in Bali, and too far from my parents, well, it's the secret of God. I believe that God always have a great plan for me.

Happy reading!

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