Sunday, April 13, 2014









 Beanie hat from Samantha shop // Gaudi T-shirt // Unbranded denim jacket //  Zara jegging //  La Diva gold bracellet // Femmex backpack // Topshop boots  

Firstly, thanks for a great team for this photo shoot : Johan, Mbak Dwi, Sheryl, and Kenny. Finally I can make a new posting about fashion on this blog. Wahahaha.  Seriously, I was thinking of some new names for my blog like Putri's Diary or Travel Diary, but I think that's too mainstream and actually I've been  happy with "Fashion Frenzy".  Hahahah okay, I'm sorry that I have been a lazy blogger. 

Photo by  Johan Andrasili
Make up by  Dwi Tiara